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Multichannel / Cross Channel retail depends on IT systems integration

With evidence mounting that the American shopping mall is in decline, if not dead, CIOs need to integrate IT systems. Consumers are rapidly merging their shopping between online and in-store. IT leaders not only have to build and support new platforms to manage the growing e-commerce market, but, they also have to integrate those modern platforms with legacy systems.

When the business grow and the applications were hosted both at on-premise data centers and cloud, Point to point integrations are getting complex and unmanageable.

The need of most corporates is flexibility, scalability and security. Retailers are also using technology to turn brick-and- mortar locations into mini-destinations or entertainment hubs -- and that means loaded with digital fun. These showrooms do more than provide display space for product, they also provide an interactive, digital customer experience.

Digital Transformation in Retail

Digital in-store technology is key to the evolution of our customer experience in store and for customer decision. It is not everything digital is about customer experience; there are multiple use case for price optimization, supply chain optimization and Inventory control.

Digital Transformation requires System Integration – Cloud or On-Premise.

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Modernizing Legacy Systems

Modernizing legacy applications requires a good integration system to connect existing legacy infrastructure.

Modernizing Legacy Systems

Life Sciences & Health care – Integration Use cases

As the demand for improvement in health care increase, the potential to optimize manufacturing and research & development is abundant. Data plays a key role in this domain and a robust integration platform is required to consolidate and mine appropriate data

  • Integrated supply chain systems
  • Integrated Patient, provider & Manufacturer network
  • Serialization and product traceability