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Azure Customer 360

Customers are experimenting with all possible channels of engagement. They visit company outlets and large superstores, they browse online stores, they swipe through mobile apps, and they interact largely on social media.

This behaviour demands a consistent and personalized experience across all the channels that are at least equal to, if not superior, those provided by your competitors. Interestingly, the same multi-channel engagement leaves a rich digital trail that can help build a deeper view of customers, and develop a greater understanding of their wants, needs and concerns.

Customer360 Solution

The Analytics dashboard may contain various levels of reporting insights and we’re very good in representing the single view of Customer Information.

Solution Benefits

Targeted Marketing & Personalization

Creating a unified view of customer data helps uncover behaviours and insights. Micro-segmentation, next best offers and recommendation models are only as useful as the data behind it. This solution ensures your data quality for the best campaign and geo-location analytics results.

Churn Prevention & Customer Retention

Good data can model and predict churn, and the more data you can bring to bear on the model, the better. Customer 360, powered by United techno, takes social churn and sentiment analysis to give insight into customer lifetime value.

Proactive Care

  • Data empowers marketers to reach out to customers before they churn. A proactive care dashboard can give real-time alerts, subscriber analytics and Quality of Service analytics
  • Modernized data management, optimized for the Cloud, to transform complex data into clear & actionable insights
  • Identification of patterns, relationships and outliers in vast amounts of data in visually compelling ways using Qlik
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, predictive, prescriptive & geospatial capabilities to fully leverage data assets using Cloudera Data Science Workbench
  • Building, testing, deploying, and management of workloads in the cloud through Microsoft Azure