JD Edwards ERP

Our JD Edwards practice blends technical and domain knowledge to deliver business solutions. Our extensive experience in JD Edwards and rich domain experience enable us to use JD Edwards to your business advantage and maximize returns on existing investments. With a strong ERP background supported by technical expertise in IBM i (AS400) and migration, United Techno is very successful in providing implementation, upgrade and consulting support for many JD Edwards customers in the last 5 years. United Techno is a Oracle Cloud Partner and currently working with Oracle in becoming the JDE Gold Partner. Oracle Partner

Our practice has a large pool of consultants with deep knowledge across multiple versions of JD Edwards products, including JD Edwards Enterprise One (E1 8.0 – E1 9.0) and JD Edwards World (A7.3, A8.1). Our consultants have extensive experience in JD Edwards implementations upgrades, rollouts, and support. A majority of our JD Edwards consultants have multidisciplinary skills with knowledge of EnterpriseOne, World, CNC, and AS/400 (World) System Admin. Our domain skills include functional knowledge of JD Edwards modules.

Service offerings

1. ERP Implementation & Rollouts Practice.

  • a. JDE World
  • b. JDE Enterprise One

With the most current version of JDE EnterpriseOne, Oracle delivers a software platform that offers more choice of databases, operating systems, and hardware so you can build and expand your IT solution to meet business requirements. Discover the ways that a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne installation will help your business reach its potential.

Oracle Enterprise

Area of Expertise

  • Implementation
  • Rollouts
  • Configuration and customization
  • Integration


  • Global Delivery Model for optimal deployment of offshore and onsite consultants to control costs and accelerate implementation.
  • Dedicated JD Edwards CoE

2. JD Edwards Managed Services

Areas of Expertise

  • Support and maintenance
  • CNC support
  • 24/7 production support
  • Enhancement
  • Development


  • Effective use of in-house JD Edwards tools, methodologies, and templates to achieve effort efficiency
  • Global Delivery Model for optimal deployment of offshore and onsite consultants to control costs, improve SLAs, accelerate turnaround time and productivity
  • Scalable resource pool for both JD Edwards E1 and World
  • Robust relationship with Oracle ensures faster issue resolution and access to the latest JD Edwards technology / domain knowledge
  • Dedicated JD Edwards CoE

3. JD Edwards Technical Upgrade

Companies that are currently running an older version of JDE World have many options available to them for modernizing JDE. A key question to ask is, “Why not JDE World?” There are many advantages of upgrading the JDE World software to the latest release. First, there are a plethora of new features and functionality in each new release. By upgrading, most companies eliminate at least 50% of their custom code. Typically, the customization logic has been included in the more recent version of the software. Also, sticking with JDE World allows your organization to continue to leverage your seasoned IT professionals. These folks typically have years and years of industry expertise, not to mention years of expertise within their own companies.

Area of Expertise

  • Upgrade
  • Migration


  • Effective use of reusable components and in-house JD Edwards tools, methodologies, and templates to achieve effort efficiency and de-risked upgrades
  • Global Delivery Model for optimal deployment of offshore and onsite consultants to control costs and accelerate upgrade process

4. JDE World to E1 Upgrade

Many JDE Software customers are still on the older version of JDE World (A7.3 or A8.1) that is decades old, and likely does not support the evolving needs of the business. As these organizations continue to grow and evolve, the IT systems and especially the JDE system must grow along with it. Therefore, organizations that are growing and evolving must consider upgrading their JDE World software so that their system supports their corporate initiatives.

Oracle has and continues to make significant investments in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. This is where all the significant enhancements to JDE are being added. Just as importantly, Oracle is moving to make the entire system more open by supporting REST and a more open mobile architecture Oracle World

5. JDE Techno functional Consulting

Our subject matter experts provide techno functional support for many medium size clients in North America and Asia Pacific region. Our Expertise include

Distribution Management

  • Pricing
  • Inventory management
  • Sales order Management
  • Procurement
  • Warehouse Management

Finance Management

  • G/L
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Fixed Assets

Manufacturing Management

  • Manufacturing Accounting/ Product Costing
  • Quality Management
  • Plant & Equipment Maintenance
  • Planning

JD Edwards Center of Excellence (CoE)

JD Edwards CoE focuses on knowledge sharing and competency building. Our dedicated JD Edwards consultants research and study best practices. The CoE is involved in building knowledge competencies:

  • Provides industry best practices to project teams during implementation, upgrade, and support cycles.
  • Focuses on building improved methodologies and templates for implementations, upgrades, and support engagements.
  • Focuses on major interface areas for JD Edwards such as EDI, Interoperability, Crystal Reports, Createform, FormScape, and Business Objects.

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